Just in Time for Christmas

Back to the Future

Lindsay is at a crossroads in her life. She is a professor at a small local college who has just been offered a professorship and a book deal from Yale University. The same day, she has a date with her long-term boyfriend on which he proposes marriage. It was an elaborate proposal and when she doesn’t jump at the chance they have an argument. On her way home she is offered a carriage ride (William Shatner) that turns out to be magical. She is transported 3 years forward in time and her life is going forward as if she had accepted the offer from Yale. She is a respected Yale professor, best-selling author, a local hero, and her book has made her 2 million dollars richer. But woe is me. She still loves her petulant childhood sweetheart and her mother had a heart attack. BUT Mom is now happily remarried and living in Sweden, so that is all right then.

Overall this was an entertaining movie but for me, there were a few problems. First off, in this 2015 (before the quantity over quality directive) movie Eloise Mumford was excellent and cute. I have seen 2 of her later movies with which I had major problems with: One with the movie (she was fine) and one with her. Specifically her hairdresser and makeup artist.  I loved Christopher Lloyd as her grandfather and the winks at Back to the Future and A Wonderful Life. William Shatner is always a hoot. Also, I liked the compromise solution of the ending. Much of the entertainment value rested in the suspense of whether she would choose her professional success or her love life. My main problem was with the boyfriend’s childish personality. The two just didn’t match. My second problem was with her flirty behavior with him throughout the movie, until near the end where she actually flies back home to break up his impending marriage to another woman. Excuse me? No. Just no. The small problem was that she got $2,000,000 as a first-time author of a self-help book published by a University press. Bestseller or not, come on now. The epilogue is totally unnecessary and I love epilogues.

Like I said before, the ending managed a big win for everyone, unless, like me, you wish she would have ended up with the astrophysicist that is mentioned as her Yale love interest instead of small-town coffee shop dude.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

July 4, 2021

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