Christmas in Angel Falls

Angels “R” Us

Rachel Boston is a hit or miss for me. In some movies her boundless cheer and energy is welcome and refreshing. In some it is just tiring and overdone. In this one it was the latter. Full disclosure. I dozed off in the middle, So probably just saw about half of this one all told.

Rachel, who plays an angel, kept raising her (very long) arms in the air as if spreading her wings when ever she had a triumph or ecstatic moment. It got to be laughable. Yeah, we saw what you did there, Rachel. Very clever. The first couple of times.

There were too many unanswered questions. When it was decided (spoiler alert!) that she was going to stay on earth as a human and give up her angel status after she found true love, How exactly was she going to navigate that? Is she going to tell her fireman-boyfriend? What about her former life before she died? What if she meets someone who used to know her? What will she remember? The fact of the matter is, In literature and movies, Angels can’t become human again. This just does not happen!

The leading man was fine and Beau Bridges added a lot and looked great. And that actress who played Alice Lake, Bayley Corman, is a dead ringer for Keira Knightly.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

January 6, 2019

The Last Bridesmaid

Bad Vibes

I am a fan of Paul Campbell so I thought I’d give this a re-watch, even though I didn’t remember being overly impressed the first time around. Paul was fine. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. I used to like her all right. She used to be one of the go-to Hallmark actresses. The more I have seen her in recent years, the less I like her. She has a real stagey acting style. She says her lines like she knows there is an audience watching her. No matter what role she plays, beneath the smiles and niceness, she kind of comes across like she knows she is kind of superior to everyone else. This is just the way she comes across to me. I know she has her fans, and that is fine.

I found her interaction with Paul Campbell came across as borderline hostile especially at the beginning. And it wasn’t due to the story. Her eyes were so cold when she looked at him in a few scenes, I actually got a little freaked out. I wish I knew what was going on there, if anything.

The story wasn’t all that bad, hence a semi-respectable 6 1/2 stars from me. The script seemed well-written and had some cute and clever lines. I liked that she was playing her age not an almost 40 year old actress playing a young inexperienced girl just starting out in her career. The jewelry making subplot was interesting and added a lot to the usual love story. The message was a good one: Follow your dreams, do what you love, but stay sensible and grounded. The romance as scripted did not come out of nowhere, the relationship developed naturally and realistically.**6 1/2 stars out of 10**

May 26, 2021

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Ice Sculpture Christmas


This is a slightly above average Hallmance which at least did keep my interest. I liked the ice sculpture theme and the setting in an acclaimed kitchen of a master chef both of which I found educational and interesting. The touch of villainy and rivalry with the sous-chef was balanced by the lack there of with the boyfriend and the wisdom, fairness, and niceness of the head chef. Her romance with our heroine’s widowed father added a further touch of piquancy. Rachel Boston is always reliable, though I find her giggle distracting. Her romance with the boy she met briefly in childhood but never forgot was rather dull. Her misunderstanding of his relationship with his work partner was not understandable, so thank-goodness, it was brief. I guess the reason I did not like the romance much was because I did not like the hero. First of all, his lack of height and too handsome face bothered me. I thought his behavior showed a lack of character. He let his partner shoulder all of the responsibility of meeting the very important proposal deadline while he was romancing Rachel. The romance should have waited. She wasn’t going anywhere. His stupid arrogant move in entering Rachel in the ice sculpture contest in the first place was just incredibly clueless (and she told him flat out not to and why!). After writing this, Maybe I didn’t like it as much as I thought I did! **6 out of 10 stars**

November 16, 2015