Mistletoe Magic

Surprisingly Good!

Boy, was this one cute! Great comedic acting, funny original script, and excellent chemistry between the two leads. Jessica Sipos is cute and appealing as Harper, the cynical Christmas-hating meteorologist whose quest to find her family’s magic mistletoe eventually melts her cynicism and Christmas hatred. I hope we see her again sometime. Her partner in crime is the owner of a Christmas thrift store who used to be a chubby nerdy schoolmate of Harper, one of the popular kids. Huszar is excellent in this one, as is not always the case. He has never been one of my favorites, but his comedy and chemistry with Jessica is really special. The only two downsides are the actors who play Harper’s bad boyfriend and her super annoying best friend. The director really needed to take her in hand. She was awful. Really over the top. As for the actor who played Brad, this is the second time I have seen him play the bad boyfriend of an appealing attractive lead. Maybe it’s just me but I find him very icky. Even though that’s kind of the point, He is miscast as a credible heartbreaker.

Anyway this one was a pleasant surprise and a real treat. And I especially loved the surprising little twist at the end. Well Done!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

November 29, 2020

Magical Christmas Ornaments

Jessica-Look at this Movie and do the Opposite

I don’t want to pile on to poor Jessica Lowndes, so I will say that I quite enjoyed her in Christmas at Pemberley. I mentioned in that review that she had toned down her looks a bit. If Jessica wants to continue being a Hallmark staple, she needs to continue to follow the example in the recent movie. Caught about an hour of this earlier Hallmark movie last night. This one serves as a cautionary reminder of what Jessica should stay away from. Oh my Lord. That eye-liner! She looks like a reincarnation of Nefertiti. I am sure if she ever catches this one herself, she will be wondering what she was thinking. Hallmarks are better suited to the girl next door types, not the exotic beauties, in my opinion. I also agree with the commenter that pointed out her rapid fire delivery which serves to make her seem like a line-reader rather than a thoughtful actress who is really inhabiting her character. She also had the habit of speaking from the back of her throat like she was trying to be a ventriloquist. She must have been studying her craft a bit in the year since this movie, because she has really improved. She is not great, but she is on the right path.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

December 21, 2018