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These are my Book and Movie reviews I have written for Goodreads, Amazon, and IMDb. . They are mostly Women’s fiction and mysteries in books because that’s what I read now. I look at all types of movies and TV shows, particularly British mysteries and dramas. But as far as reviews are concerned I generally limit those to very light small screen fare where my thoughts don’t get lost in the shuffle among hundreds of other reviews. Most of what I read and watch have one thing in common: They have upbeat hopeful endings with justice prevailing and closure achieved. Call me crazy.

Latest Posts

Wedding Season

Silly Season How many times has a Hallmark movie started out with a youngish career girl hoping for a promotion into her dream job, usually in a creative field, end up back in her hometown for some reason pressured by a strong boss to meet a deadline in order to achieve her goal. And there…

Call Me Irresistible

by Susan Elizabeth Phillips Not sure what book I was thinking of when I gave this Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel only 3 stars on Goodreads. Must have been another book. It is not only a 5, but one of my favorites. I listened to this on Audible this time, and it is at least my…

The Secret of the Sand Castle (Judy Bolton # 38)

by Margaret Sutton Thus endeth the Judy Bolton series. At least the ones written by Margaret Sutton. This one is pretty good. Even though I gave the last one 5 stars, it was not really for the story but for Margaret’s daring to tackle the issue of racial prejudice and right-wing hate groups. This one…

Small Admissions

by Amy Poeppel This was an absolute delight. It is the story of Kate, a STEM doctoral candidate on the fast track whose life falls apart when she gives it all up to move to Paris with a guy who immediately dumps her. At the Airport. Heartbroken and her promising career in shambles, she is…

Airs Above the Ground

by Mary Stewart This one takes the typical Mary Stewart heroine(nice, sensible, spirited, smart, and attractive) to Austria. I think this is the only one of her books where the heroine is already married. Vanessa and her husband had been planning a second honeymoon to Italy when he puts everything on hold because his company…


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