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These are my Book and Movie reviews I have written for Goodreads, Amazon, and IMDb. . They are mostly Women’s fiction and mysteries in books because that’s what I read now. I look at all types of movies and TV shows, particularly British mysteries and dramas. But as far as reviews are concerned I generally limit those to very light small screen fare where my thoughts don’t get lost in the shuffle among hundreds of other reviews. Most of what I read and watch have one thing in common: They have upbeat hopeful endings with justice prevailing and closure achieved. Call me crazy.

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#fakehusband #fakebaby #funnymother Fake boyfriend is one of my favorite tropes. Ok, it is my favorite. And this one ups the ante by making it a fake husband and baby. A talented but struggling interior design and lifestyle store owner tries to boost her business by winning a social media contest. To increase her chances … Continue reading #Xmas

My Southern Family Christmas

Christmas in Louisiana minus the Southerners. A Texas magazine writer, Campbell, receives a voicemail out of the blue from her Bio-Dad’s wife, inviting her to come to Louisana to meet and get to know him and her two half-sisters. Loved seeing Moira Kelly of Chaplin and The Cutting Edge fame in the role of the … Continue reading My Southern Family Christmas

A Country Christmas Harmony

Chrissy Deserves Better Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious. Seldom have I been more disgusted by the behavior of a TV romance man. Let me back up. This one starred Brooke Elliot whom I have never heard of, but is kind of a big deal apparently, starring in the recent TV series, Drop Dead Diva.  I’ve never … Continue reading A Country Christmas Harmony

The Christmas Retreat

Rhiannon Fish Moves up the Likability Scale This one was OK. The first time I really liked Rhiannon Fish in a role was in the recent Hallmark Mystery, Nicky and Nora: Sister Sleuths. So I went into this one giving her the benefit of the doubt and she really came through, showing some good acting … Continue reading The Christmas Retreat

Santa Boot Camp

The Two Leads and Santa Saved This One Emily Kinney was very appealing in this. Very Cute. I really liked her, and she and Rita Moreno kept me watching this to the end. Emily plays an event planner who has snagged a very high-profile client which will really help her business. He is very demanding, … Continue reading Santa Boot Camp


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