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These are my Book and Movie reviews I have written for Goodreads, Amazon, and IMDb. I will try to add a few every day. They are mostly Women’s fiction and mysteries in books, because that’s what I read now. In movies, I usually only review TV movies, where my thoughts don’t get lost in the shuffle among hundreds of others. Most of what I read and watch have one thing in common: They have upbeat hopeful endings with justice prevailing and closure achieved. Call me crazy.

Latest Posts

Season for Love

Follows the Usual Recipe With the preponderance of food related careers among our Hallmark protagonists, I suppose it was only a matter of time before we entered the world of competition Barbecue. This one was not bad due to the presence of Autumn Reeser, one of the better Hallmark Actresses. In fact, everyone did a … Continue reading Season for Love

The Switch

by Beth O’Leary I really enjoyed this humorous and sometimes touching story of a grandmother and grandaughter switching places. Of course, there are two love stories along the way but they take second stage to the growth and change each of the women experiences and the impact they make on their new temporary communities. A … Continue reading The Switch

Rich People Problems

by Kevin Kwan **Spoilers** “You’re my son—I’ve watched your nannies change your diapers,” “Maybe if Mum behaves herself, she can meet our baby at age eighteen.” This was a worthy conclusion to the trilogy in many ways. I’m so glad Astrid and Nick’s final meeting with Ah Ma went so well and they were on … Continue reading Rich People Problems

Perfect on Paper

Good Script Wasted This one could have been so much better. It had some potential. Comic potential (the party scene where our heroine was starving and kept trying to get to some food); some potential for the always entertaining ugly duckling into a swan; a great old star (Morgan Fairchild) playing the powerful nemesis that … Continue reading Perfect on Paper


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