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These are my Book and Movie reviews I have written for Goodreads, Amazon, and IMDb. . They are mostly Women’s fiction and mysteries in books because that’s what I read now. I look at all types of movies and TV shows, particularly British mysteries and dramas. But as far as reviews are concerned I generally limit those to very light small screen fare where my thoughts don’t get lost in the shuffle among hundreds of other reviews. Most of what I read and watch have one thing in common: They have upbeat hopeful endings with justice prevailing and closure achieved. Call me crazy.

Latest Posts

A Christmas Melody

Coffee, Close-Ups, and Costumes This Mariah Carey-directed vehicle is semi-notorious for its unintentionally funny softly filtered close-ups of Carey’s face and the jaw-dropping product placements of Folgers Classic Roast Coffee. But beyond that, it is an above-average Hallmark Christmas romance. Dress designer and single mother Kristin Parson returns to her Ohio hometown right before Christmas … Continue reading A Christmas Melody

A Gift to Remember

Nice! I really enjoyed this one back in 2017, but I never reviewed it. It came up again during Christmas in July or Merry Movie Week or whatever so I decided to re-watch it. I am pleased to say it really held up.  First off, it was based on an amnesia scenario and thus was … Continue reading A Gift to Remember

Our Dream Wedding

Unveiled I liked this one right from the beginning. Two medical students, Natalie and Scott, sending out their applications for residencies, are very much in love. We meet her family who also loves Scott. Sometimes you just get tired of two strangers meeting cute and going through the old enemies-to-lovers thing. Natalie is a perfectionist … Continue reading Our Dream Wedding


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