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These are my Book and Movie reviews I have written for Goodreads, Amazon, and IMDb. . They are mostly Women’s fiction and mysteries in books because that’s what I read now. I look at all types of movies and TV shows, particularly British mysteries and dramas. But as far as reviews are concerned I generally limit those to very light small screen fare where my thoughts don’t get lost in the shuffle among hundreds of other reviews. Most of what I read and watch have one thing in common: They have upbeat hopeful endings with justice prevailing and closure achieved. Call me crazy.

Latest Posts

Fly Away with Me

Happy or Homeless? Natalie Hall has never been a favorite. Many Hallmark actors have changed my opinion in the past, so I always try to go in with an open mind, but I have not yet been able to warm to her. Unfortunately, Hallmark seems to really like her and plugs her in whenever “antics” … Continue reading Fly Away with Me

Styled with Love

So. Much. Pink. Rosie Pink (yes, really)  is making a big leap by using her inheritance from her beloved Nana (is there any such thing as a Nana who wasn’t beloved?) to open her own business as a personal stylist in the big city. And she really likes pink. She gets a few clients by … Continue reading Styled with Love

Moorewood Family Rules

By Helenkay Dimon If there is one word to describe this book, it would be “fun.” Right off the bat, I loved the authorial voice: It flowed easily and drew me right in with the funny remarks and quick immersion into the plot. The idea of the story was intriguing and unusual. It set up … Continue reading Moorewood Family Rules

Wedding of a Lifetime

A Breath of Fresh Air Jake and Darby have known each other for 15 years and engaged for 10. Yes, I know. But there was a career-derailing skiing accident and Nana ( the wonderful Paula Shaw) had health issues. It will be no surprise that they are in a rut and have lost that special … Continue reading Wedding of a Lifetime

Bloomsbury Girls

Vivien had lost count of the number of times young female students and staff from the surrounding universities and museums had come into the shop asking for certain women authors, only to be met with an unexpected lack of success. Only Agatha Christie, Nancy Mitford, and Daphne du Maurier could reliably be found on the … Continue reading Bloomsbury Girls


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