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Dashing Home for Christmas

Happy Ending? I Hope So… I loved the romance and humor in this. First of all the two leads were in each others company almost non-stop throughout the movie which led to lots of interaction and realistic relationship building. I loved their chemistry. They had two very distinct and quirky personalities which at the same…

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Bottled With Love

Bethany Bottles Charm This is another take on You got Mail, which was a new take on In the Good Old Summertime, which was a new take on The Shop Around the Corner. That’s OK because it is a  sure-fire and enjoyable trope for a romantic comedy. Closed off  Abbey is disappointed in love again,…

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Matchmaker Santa

Meh. Reliable Lacey just didn’t do it for me in this one. This movie was made 8 years ago and Lacey Chabert hasn’t changed a bit. And I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Same hairdo, same lipstick, same signature eyeliner. Honestly, couldn’t she even wash her face before going to bed? On the other…

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The Christmas Club

Christmas Magic This production was blessed by the good acting on the part of Cameron Mathison and Elizabeth Mitchell. They made a good match, and the story was very romantic. A slow development of their relationship with more than a hint of magic provided by the wonderful Gabrielle Rose. Two strangers, both missing true romantic…

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Forever Christmas

See it for Christopher Russell If Christopher Russell is paired with the right female lead, and he has a script that takes advantage of his GQ worthy handsomeness and the kindness that you can see behind his eyes, he can be great. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. It does in this one. The script explores…

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Merry In-Laws

Enjoyably Screwball A young mother from a scientific background who abjures anything fantastical gets herself engaged to Santa Claus’s son. And she doesn’t even like Video Games. This was cute, funny, and a nice romance. It was interesting to see Lucas Bryant in a more light-hearted role. Lately he has been playing the sullen, strong,…

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About my Reviews

I’ve been reviewing shows on IMDb for quite a few years. This is a compilation I am adding to little by little. I enjoy many types of movies and programs, particularly British Mysteries and dramas, but you’ll mostly just find Romantic TV movies on this page. That’s because they usually don’t have 100s of other reviews already. If a movie has already been reviewed to death, I figure, “Why bother?” These TV movies are rated on a 10 star “special” scale: It’s more generous than I would rank a serious theatre film.

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