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Rip in Time

Hall of Fame Worthy-It’s About Time! I had very high hopes for this one, and I was not disappointed. It debuted on Hallmark Murders and Mysteries which serves as the home of more serious movies that don’t fit the usual Hallmark Romance mold. It was written by C. J. Cox who penned one of the…

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Romance to the Rescue

It’s All about the Dog The human cast was OK but the dog stole every scene. He was adorable and hilarious. What an actor! Hallmark better get “Nova” locked down with an ironclad contract before GAC comes a-callin’. Just saying. Andrea Brooks plays Kyra, a young and ambitious marketing person who works in a pet…

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Road Trip Romance

Not Dreadful, but Very Very Average Which is almost worse than dreadful. I’m getting to be able to judge if I am going to like a Hallmark( 8, 9, or 10 stars) by the amount and application of make-up the head girl is wearing. Natalie Hall’s foundation and eyelashes were thick and ever-present, therefore I…

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Yellowstone Romance

Wacky Fun After being away for work, Olivia returns to New York City and finds her best friend and roommate, Amber, engaged to a guy she’s only known for a few months. Olivia disapproves. Amber is a city girl and a ditz. Her new fiance is a rancher and Amber will be following him to…

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Falling for a Dancer

Far from the Madding Crowd Meets Maeve Binchy. With a Hint of Pride and Prejudice. I had never even heard of this almost 25-year-old British historical drama, one of my favorite genres. Someone, to whom I am most grateful, mentioned it in one of the Facebook Groups I belong to. I believe it was the…

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Aloha With Love

Lots of Crying This one was pretty good with some problems. I liked the actress who played the female lead. Tiffany Smith had unusual strong features that went beyond typically pretty. She reminded me of Jamie Gertz. However, I usually do not appreciate the ubiquitous Trevor Donovan, an often used actor for Hallmark and its…

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About my Reviews

I’ve been reviewing shows on IMDb for quite a few years. This is a compilation I am adding to little by little. I enjoy many types of movies and programs, particularly British Mysteries and dramas, but you’ll mostly just find Romantic TV movies on this page. That’s because they usually don’t have 100s of other reviews already. If a movie is “important” and already has lots of insightful professional reviews, I figure, “Why bother?” It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy these movies.

These TV movies are rated on a “special” scale: It’s more generous than I would rank a serious theatre film.

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