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Fly Away with Me

Happy or Homeless? Natalie Hall has never been a favorite. Many Hallmark actors have changed my opinion in the past, so I always try to go in with an open mind, but I have not yet been able to warm to her. Unfortunately, Hallmark seems to really like her and plugs her in whenever “antics”…

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Styled with Love

So. Much. Pink. Rosie Pink (yes, really)  is making a big leap by using her inheritance from her beloved Nana (is there any such thing as a Nana who wasn’t beloved?) to open her own business as a personal stylist in the big city. And she really likes pink. She gets a few clients by…

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Tales from the Explorers Club

Josh Gates, inc. I’ve been a fan of Josh Gates since Destination Truth. I was not disappointed in this new series. So far it seems that each 1-hour episode features 2 to 3 accounts of the famous adventures of members of the prestigious Explorers Club. I really like this as his Expedition Unknown episodes tend to…

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Wedding of a Lifetime

A Breath of Fresh Air Jake and Darby have known each other for 15 years and engaged for 10. Yes, I know. But there was a career-derailing skiing accident and Nana ( the wonderful Paula Shaw) had health issues. It will be no surprise that they are in a rut and have lost that special…

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Marry Go Round

Round the Bend This is the surprise surprise still married to old husband trope. It’s tried and true, but unfortunately, I did not like the behavior of the old husband and really liked the new fiance who was eventually and inevitably dumped. Needless to say this negatively impacted my enjoyment of this movie. Amanda Shull…

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Wetsuits and cover-ups. Lacey Chabert plays a sous chef who dreams of running her own restaurant. Her “boyfriend” is a famous chef and her boss. When he not only fails to introduce her to an influential food critic who is in raptures over her food and concepts but takes credit for her work as well,…

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About my Reviews

I’ve been reviewing shows on IMDb for quite a few years. This is a compilation I am adding to little by little. I enjoy many types of movies and programs, particularly British Mysteries and dramas, but you’ll mostly just find Romantic TV movies on this page. That’s because they usually don’t have 100s of other reviews already. If a movie is “important” and already has lots of insightful professional reviews, I figure, “Why bother?” It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy these movies.

These TV movies are rated on a “special” scale: It’s more generous than I would rank a serious theatre film.

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