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Sweeter than Chocolate

“Love is Worth the Grief.” I wasn’t exactly bowled by Dan Jeannotte in the previous movie I remembered seeing him in (turns out I’ve seen him in 4 movies) and was not looking forward to this one. Chocolate. Again. Save the little Shop. Again. But he won me over right away.  He brought humor and charm…

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The Wedding Veil Journey

The Best of the Bunch At the beginning of the movie, The three friends have gotten together and since they are also enjoying their wine, we know it’s been well over a year since the end of “Inspiration” when we learned Emma was newly pregnant. It’s been a total of 3 years since they first…

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The Wedding Veil Inspiration

Terror in the Art Department I liked most of this one. The script was smart and the plot was multilayered without being all over the place. All of the actors did a nice job.  Emma’s (Autumn Reeser) slowness to realize her professional life needed a reset got on my last nerve, but mostly it was…

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A Country Wedding and The Perfect Catch

A Reassessment Withdrawal from my routine of watching then reviewing the new Hallmark (and occasionally other) Christmas movies led me to re-watch two old Hallmarks from 2015 and 2017. These are ones that I have rated but never reviewed. A Country Wedding, I originally rated as a 7, and The Perfect Catch I rated as…

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The Wedding Veil Expectations

Expectations Met, but not Exceeded I found this only mildly entertaining. It was good to see the three women together again, I like the actress’s rapport and their characters’ solid long-term supportive friendship, and Lacey Chabert’s wardrobe choices remain a constant source of fascination. I will be front and center for Autumn Reeser’s turn in…

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About my Reviews

I’ve been reviewing shows on IMDb for quite a few years. This is a compilation I am adding to little by little. I enjoy many types of movies and programs, particularly British Mysteries and dramas, but you’ll mostly just find Romantic TV movies on this page. That’s because they usually don’t have 100s of other reviews already. If a movie is “important” and already has lots of insightful professional reviews, I figure, “Why bother?” It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy these movies.

These TV movies are rated on a “special” scale: It’s more generous than I would rank a serious theatre film.

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