Unequal Affections

By Lara S. Ormiston I admired and enjoyed this alternative imagining of Elizabeth and Darcy’s romance very much. Very. What if Elizabeth took the more practical approach of her friend Charlotte and accepted Darcy’s proposal at Hunsford? She had been proposed to by a stranger. A very rich, very handsome stranger who was very much … Continue reading Unequal Affections


By Amy Poeppel I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this excellent book on Audible. The reader, Carly Robbins, was perfection and I can’t imagine how the personalities could be better portrayed on the page as they were by this actress. She particularly nails the narration of Allison, our estimable heroine, the sulky brattiness of Charlotte, one … Continue reading Limelight

It Happened One Summer

by Tessa Bailey This light rom-com by Tessa Baily was a lot racier than I am used to! Whew! If you like the kind of romance where the author doesn’t discretely draw a curtain soon after things get physical, I would highly recommend this one. This has been compared to Schitt’s Creek by many including … Continue reading It Happened One Summer


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About my Reviews

I’ve been reviewing books on Amazon and Goodreads for quite a few years now. This is a compilation of those older reviews and new ones. They are rated on a 5-star scale. You won’t find many 1 or 2-star books, because if it’s that bad, I probably won’t finish it. You will find that most of the books have one thing in common: They are happy and they feature women. Sad things may happen, but by the end, you will not be depressed. Unless you’re weird.

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