Deidre and Desire

by Marion Chesney

This re-read of an old favorite series, The Six Sisters, was through audible. I very much enjoy the reader, Charlotte Anne Dore, who has done all of this series. As is typical of Marion Chesney, this one, the third book, barrels along at a breakneck pace with lots of expected and unexpected twists and turns. The 3 that I have reread so far have a lot in common and several times I was struck with Déjà vue to the point that I almost quit reading thinking I picked up a recently read one by mistake. But no, I was just remembering another very similar one. I was frustrated several times about how blind and foolish Deirdre was, especially since she was supposed to be the “intelligent one”. It was a relief when she finally was struck by self-realization and I realized that this was the whole idea and one of the themes of her story from the beginning. In another a subsequent book, it turns out that the sister who was considered all beauty and no brains, is actually very bright and sensible despite her vague manner. Harry Desire was a treat and my favorite hero so far. As always, The Vicar’s machinations and Lady Godolphin’s absurdities are fodder for many laughs along the way. After a few hints regarding the 4th sister, Daphne, I will be picking that one up very soon

Rating: 3 out of 5.

October 3, 2017

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