The Wedding Veil Expectations

Expectations Met, but not Exceeded

I found this only mildly entertaining. It was good to see the three women together again, I like the actress’s rapport and their characters’ solid long-term supportive friendship, and Lacey Chabert’s wardrobe choices remain a constant source of fascination. I will be front and center for Autumn Reeser’s turn in the spotlight next week. Or at least my DVR will be.

Basically, the plot was a series of bumps in the road and challenges revolving around Lacey’s character discovering that she’s pregnant, and dealing with a new and antagonistic executive director who has complete creative control over the museum in which she devotedly works. And other unrelated stuff. It is an episodic plot rather than one having a focused beginning, middle, and end.

First, we have the dilemma of how and when she is going to break the happy baby news to her husband. Her perfect romantic setting and plans are upended a couple of times. Finally, she just bursts out with the news after a little fight and all is well.

We have her hormones acting up and some amusing scenes regarding forgetfulness, cravings, aversions, nausea, and heightened emotions. Lacey is great in these scenes.

We have the loneliness of her mother-in-law established. A suitable love interest presents himself when she holds the magical veil. But hold the phone. Peter, her son and Lacey’s husband disapproves and is suspicious. He is rude, so we have the resulting break-up. She tells her swain she is still in love with her dead husband and also the new relationship is making her son unhappy. So which is it?

Meanwhile, we have Peter, the son and husband in question struggling with his conflicted feelings. There is an awkward but, thanks to the actors, entertaining, first meeting at a restaurant.

We have a big home renovation money-pit sub-plot. Lacey and Peter have bought an old historic home with lots (and lots) of constantly emerging problems. They pop up throughout the movie. They did not generate too much concern though, because Peter and Lacey are fabulously wealthy and can well handle the expense. Thus, Peter’s frustration and distress over all the bad news the doom merchant contractor continues to bring is kind of boring and comes across as a little whiny.  And why does a contractor care about Lacey’s color choice for her curtains anyway? Picky, I know, but it was just one of those “huh?” moments.

And Let’s not forget Peter’s tussles with the typically mean school board regarding the art program he heads. Several scenes about that.

And wait, there’s more. We have Lacey’s conflict with her “arrogant, opinionated” boss who wants to improve the suffering attendance at the museum by changing up the art. This includes getting rid of the first trilogy’s Amici portrait and the magical wedding veil it depicts. The drama of the conflict was blunted for me because I actually saw his point. In all of the scenes in the museum, I never saw one paying visitor. He was just doing his job. He thinks Lacey is a dilettante and overly emotional and invested in lace. In fairness, I couldn’t really blame him. Also I kind of liked the S.O.B. I was hoping that he would touch the veil, find love with Lucy the assistant, and turn into a good guy.

Throughout it all, we have Lacey on the phone or in person with her buddies venting, confiding, and getting advice and support. Alison Sweeney shone particularly in one of these scenes, turning insignificant dialogue into a genuinely touching half-a-minute.

All is resolved happily: Lacey’s professional challenges in particular by a scheme that dramatically bolsters the museum’s languishing attendance and saves the painting. It should have been enacted long before. I guess sometimes it takes a  bad guy to get the good guys off their patooties.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

6 thoughts on “The Wedding Veil Expectations

  1. I just couldn’t watch this. The first three were boring and insipid and honestly, I strongly dislike all 3 lead women, of which I would probably pick Lacey if there was a gun to my head. I really like Kevin McGarry but his accent was so bad in the first one. I watched about 5 minutes of this one, long enough to see the Mom tell Kevin about her new boyfriend. In the only movies I’ve seen this mother in, she hounds (and I mean hounds) her daughters to get married (December Bride, A Bride For Christmas, and another one where her daughter is turning 30 and has to pretend to have Jesse Hutch as her boyfriend just to get her mother off her back) so I thought turnabout would have been fair play to have her son hound her to get married but I guess it was the opposite. Maybe he should have hounded her to break up.
    Sounds like I have the next two Saturday nights free but I appreciate your doing the hard work for me!

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  2. I loved it! I’ve been married for 25 years so seeing a positive representation of a sweet, romantic married couple being played out on screen was the positive for me. I realize if your not married or have never tried to get pregnant and couldn’t, this may not resonate the same way. I personally love Fiona Vroom and Kevin McGarry as actors so these were just cheeries on top for me in this movie. I liked the plot of the first movie better but I enjoyed the acting, comedy and the positive messages of this movie more than the first! I smiled for days after watching this and normally Hallmark movies bore me to tears! I only made it through three of their Christmas movies this year and fell asleep or didn’t even tune in to the others! I like each of the female actors in this series but feel like they “over act” their scenes when they are together. It feels SO fake. Autumn really pulls her parts off the best in making it feel more realistic.
    I’m curious if all mystery will be left out of the series this time around.

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    • Glad this resonated with you! I liked it but didn’t love it. I also loved Fionna Vroom in this. So far, now that I’ve seen The Wedding Veil Inspiration, the veil is really put on the back burner, and no mystery involved. I have not always been a fan of Alison, as I have been with Autumn, but she comes off really well in this series. I hope you try Ghosts of Christmas Always if you haven’t already. It is really is superb. Hallmark seems to be really making an effort to go above and beyond with some of their movies these days.


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