Game, Set, Love

Forfeit This One

Taylor, a tennis coach, is approached by her old doubles partner, Ashley, to coach her prospective new partner, William, who is a high-profile singles player. He is temperamental and has gone through 4 coaches in the last year. He needs to soften his image by showing that he can be a good partner, and Ashley needs to raise her profile by playing with a well-known star. Taylor doesn’t really want to but is finally convinced. When Ashley hurts her ankle on a team-building hike, Taylor has to step in to take her place in the tournament.

My main problem with this one was the casting of the male lead. He did not have an athletic build and didn’t look strong like a tennis player at all. His complexion was pasty like he did not spend any time outdoors on a tennis court. As an actor, he came across as cold and disinterested. While in “resting face” or not consciously making an effort, there seemed to be nothing behind his eyes.

He was too young for the lovely Davida Williams, the female lead. This age mismatch was exacerbated by the characters’ personalities. She was a mature educator and taskmaster as a coach. He played a whiny entitled childish brat. Throughout. The way he treated his parents near the end was despicable and mean. This dynamic does not make for a believable romance. If you want to see a good romantic comedy based on Tennis, see Wimbledon.

I find it hard to believe that Venus Williams and Tracy Austin were associated with this production.

Rating: 3 out of 10.

August 30, 2022

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