Haul out the Holly

Haul this one out the Door

This was so messed up. I think it was supposed to be a  fun comedic look at recapturing one’s love for Christmas decorations after a childhood of one’s parents prioritizing the trappings of Christmas over their own child’s simpler needs and desires. The movie opens with the parents of a little girl leaving the house on Christmas morning to attend some kind of Neighborhood Christmas Carnival. The little girl begs her mom and Dad to let her open just one present before they leave. They impatiently agree but give her the present she has to open. It’s a camera so she can assist in the neighborhood project by taking pictures for the record. All the little girl wants is to open presents under the tree on Christmas morning as a family. The only thing her Mom and Dad want is to make sure the neighborhood carnival runs smoothly.

We meet the adult Lacey Chabert who after years of understandably avoiding Christmas with her mom and dad finds herself at loose ends this year due to a breakup. She decides to go home for Christmas. Her parents are happy and encouraging, but as she arrives at the front door, to her shock, her parents leave for Florida! Left alone at Christmas, she promises to take care of the house and put up the decorations for the neighborhood extravaganza as her Christmas present to them. This is the first example of a long line of Lacey getting taken advantage of and run roughshod over. As soon as her parents leave, she is visited by her old friend, Wes Brown, who is now president of the HOA. He informs her that she is being given a citation for inadequate Christmas decorations. And so it begins. The rest of the movie is about Lacey just wanting to have a relaxing peaceful Christmas but being hounded by the neighborhood to participate in decorating her house to specification and pitching in with all of the organized “fun”. Front and center among all of the obnoxious neighbors is the petty dictator of the HOA, who is absolutely serious when he measures her Nutcracker lawn ornament to ensure it meets the height requirement. Sadly, he is the love interest.

Lacey is way too people-pleasing for her own good and although at one juncture she points out that she doesn’t “have to” obey the covenants, she does, presumably to protect her manipulating deceitful parents. By the end, in what can only be the Stockholm Syndrome effect, she has bought into it all and the message is clear. The trappings of Christmas are more important than family, love, peace on earth, and goodwill toward men. It turns out that this fustercluck was all a ruse on the part of her parents to get her used to living in their house and complying with the HOA covenants as they are gifting the house to her. And also to fix her up with Wes Brown. Hopefully, he will put away his ever-present citation book before they settle down to marital bliss in the bedroom.

Even cameo appearances by Kristoffer Polaha and Eric Mabius can’t save this one. And neither can Stephen Tobolowsky who played Ned in Groundhog Day, playing a neighbor named Ned. And neither can Lacey, settling down to watch a Brennan Elliot Christmas movie professing “Oh I love him!” Cute inside joke for Hallmarkies. I did laugh. If you want to see the beloved Lacey Chabert, who plays a nice woman too tolerant and compliant for her own good, bossed around, manipulated, threatened, and bullied for almost an hour and half in service of an anti-Christmas message, this is the one for you.

Rating: 4 out of 10.

5 thoughts on “Haul out the Holly

  1. Funny. I think I’ve read every one of your movie reviews, including those for movies I’ve never seen, and while we sometimes disagree on the degree of like or dislike, I think this is the first time one of us has liked a movie the other has not. Maybe it’s because I don’t usually like Lacey so if I find her tolerable I tend to give credit to the movie.
    I would file this under a movie that makes no sense so a lot of hand-waving is required to cover the ridiculous plot holes. I didn’t even understand a lot of what was going on with her parents. Admittedly, I wasn’t paying a lot of attention at the beginning, but I couldn’t understand why her parents had no decorations at all. Sure, they were going to Florida but they were the head of the decoration-crazy HOA and putting up that many decorations usually starts weeks ahead. The lights could have been on timers for the time they were away. It was too confusing and I couldn’t bring myself to care, but decided to give it a chance anyway. I’m glad I did.
    I laughed out loud several times, which is not something that can always be said about a Hallmark movie. I loved the character of Ned, liked the Kris Polaha cameo, and practically squealed when Eric Mabius showed up, though that was also weird. From the way his wife spoke about him in a candid moment with Lacey, it sounded to me like he was conveniently stuck out of town (again) and she seemed more resigned than disappointed, then it turns out it really was a weather thing (that apparently Lacey’s connections can get around.)
    Three Wise Men and A Baby is still my favourite this year and I doubt it can be topped, but I will watch this one again if it comes on.

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    • It had some funny bits, for sure. And some reviewers, responding to some bad reviews advised to lighten up, its supposed to be a satire! Well sorry. Even most biting satires redeem themselves at the end with a mushy center. If they’re Christmas, that is. I just thought this one had a bad message and full of bad people with bad priorities. This movie seems to be a bit divisive. I’m a little surprised at 1myself that I seem to have come down on the taking it too seriously side. You do mention some problems we both had with this, but can totally see why anyone would enjoy it. Thank you so much for reading my reviews. Please comment more if you feel like it!


  2. This was a tough one to watch, but if you finally give in and accept the lack of a plot and ridiculous premise, it’s pretty funny. I had more genuine laughs during this one than any Hallmark movie ever, and Eric Mabius’s ridiculous over-the-top reunion with his wife was the perfect capper. Yes, it’s dumb and makes no sense and her parents are two of the worst human beings on the planet and I’ll probably never watch it again, but it did make me laugh quite a few times.

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