Fly Away with Me

Happy or Homeless?

Natalie Hall has never been a favorite. Many Hallmark actors have changed my opinion in the past, so I always try to go in with an open mind, but I have not yet been able to warm to her. Unfortunately, Hallmark seems to really like her and plugs her in whenever “antics” are called for and one of the older more mature actresses would be awkward and unsuitable. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but her acting seems a little forced and unnatural. She seems to be trying too hard, and that carries over to her overdone hair, make-up and clothes. This one did surprise me by having her wake up in bed in the morning with minimal or no makeup still on her face. So props there.  

This is about Angie and Ted who rent in a desirable apartment complex that is strictly pet-free. Ted is babysitting a cute dog for his sister, and Angie has a parrot fly onto her balcony on her first day. The rest of the movie is about helping each other hide their pets from the kind of creepy female apartment manager. In the meantime, Angie is trying to find the parrot’s owner or at least a good home for the bird. Some more things are going on as well. Ted is an air traffic controller who has failed at getting his pilot’s license. Which gave me pause. I mean, 14-year-olds have pilot’s licenses.  I mean, fun fact, even Andy Griffith’s Aunt Bea had one.  Angie is very successful at her job in the television industry where her boss who is also her ex-boyfriend is trying to get back with her. But she wants to be a script writer which she is terrible at, by the way. Partially because she keeps setting her “scripts”, which read more like short stories,  in the jungle. Meanwhile, the apartment manager keeps hanging around because she has a crush on Ted and keeps snooping around making it difficult to hide the dog and the parrot. Ted and Andy are attracted to each other right away but avoid, for some unknown reason, any romance or physical contact. They almost kiss once, but break apart when she hears a ding on her phone, and, thus discouraged, never attempt it again until the very end.

Angie quits her job because she wants to concentrate on writing and her boss, Kyle, is being a d*ck. Her goal seems to be finishing a script, not selling one. How is she going to pay for rent and food without an income? Angie and Ted get found out and Angie is evicted. Ted also volunteers to be evicted in solidarity but not before Angie thinks he betrayed her resulting in the big misunderstanding. Reconciled, they end up flying away in Ted’s plane off to the jungle, leaving the tight Chicago rental market behind them. So Ted has his pilot’s license but has abandoned his job, and unemployed Angie has an unsold script. I predict tough times ahead. Because no one is buying that stupid script.  The actor who played Ted was not bad. The apartment manager, Gineen, was very good (and gorgeous), and it was great to see Kathryn Kohut as Angie’s best friend again. She was the best thing in Feeling Butterflies as Mandy, the rival butterfly wrangler. Time for a promotion to head girl, in my opinion. And while Ted and Angie are flying off into the wild blue yonder and probable homelessness, the movie ends with an amusing scene back at the apartment building.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

October 2, 2022

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