The Attraction Test

Nova Saves the Day!

I bypassed a number of recent Hallmark productions to watch and/or review to take a whack at this UPtv production. I read another review of this one and it seemed promising even though I had never seen anything else starring either of the two leads (that I remember).

Tara Wilson plays a mature relationship-averse professor who has developed a technology that scientifically determines whether your match is “the one” by the end of 3 dates. Our hero, a not-all-that-mature veterinarian who runs a dog rescue organization is somewhat of a wise guy. He goes with his girlfriend, who is a fan of the professor, to her presentation unveiling her successful study.  He doesn’t buy the professor’s contention that true love can be scientifically determined and measured. He brashly stands up, expresses his skepticism, and sarcastically asks whether she has ever used her own technology. She hasn’t, and demurs, but he embarrassingly persists and she is hustled off the stage. This is not how things were supposed to go. A video of the confrontation goes viral and throws her research and credibility into doubt. She does not want to be in a relationship but is forced to publicly date her adversary in order to prove her technology.

All proceeds as expected with the two going on the requisite three dates and surprisingly having a great time together and really connecting. The opposites attract slow burn thing really seemed to work between these two. The attractive Tara Wilson has a terrific smile and really grew on me partly because her acting wasn’t hampered by an immovable forehead. But, helpful hint, lose the sausage curls that seem to be so prevalent with TV romance leading ladies lately. I liked Andrew Dunbar as the hero right away. He had an almost frat-boyish charm and a lot of charisma.  And I liked that he was open and honest about his growing feelings for his reluctant professor.

Even so, I was starting to get a little bored with the plot when what to my wondering eyes should appear but Nova, the utterly charming dog-actor who played Sam in Romance to the Rescue!

He really added the spark needed to bolster my flagging attention until the predictable but nicely done conclusion. That dog is a gosh darn superstar.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

October 9, 2022

5 thoughts on “The Attraction Test

  1. Hi, I’m the writer of this movie and “Single and Ready to Jingle,” the Lifetime Christmas movie airing Dec. 11.

    I hope you’ll check it out. I promise there’s no meet cute where the leads randomly run into each other, no characters discussing dead parents, no farms/inns etc that need saving, and no characters who don’t like Christmas. OK, so the lead actress in the movie wants a break from Christmas, but we even added a line in the script to make sure she is not a Christmas hater.

    “Single and Ready to Jingle” is a title that Lifetime liked but half is a title that Lifetime needed a story for.

    Aside from striving to avoid these annoying tropes, I tried to inject some humor into the story.

    Happy to provide more insights, pithy comments
    -Brian Ruberry

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