Styled with Love

So. Much. Pink.

Rosie Pink (yes, really)  is making a big leap by using her inheritance from her beloved Nana (is there any such thing as a Nana who wasn’t beloved?) to open her own business as a personal stylist in the big city. And she really likes pink. She gets a few clients by standing on the street corner handing out fliers while working on her website and preparing for her grand opening. She is very perky and cheerful and but thanks to the actress, Rachel Bles, I  couldn’t help liking her in spite of myself.  She just unapologetically went full speed ahead with the sweet and good-hearted character. In addition to styling her clients (the outfits mostly have a lot of pink in them, but, to be fair, not all) she also gives them harmless advice on how to be successful in their endeavors (Be Yourself! Have confidence! Believe in Yourself! Go for it!). At one point, she gets accused of “sounding like a Hallmark card” which was amusing. She attracts the attention of a very scary magazine bigwig (think a black Miranda Priestly) who informs her that she will be “keeping an eye on her.” Brrrrrrrrrrr. The actress who played her, Kathy Maloney, was fantastic. She was gorgeous and terrifying.

Meanwhile, she tries to hire her BFF’s cousin, a professional photographer to take pictures for her website. He is the love interest. He turns her down at first because he thinks the fashion industry is full of shallow phonies but changes his mind when his agent says he needs to punch up his portfolio with some more candid shots. The actor who played the photographer is Dennis Andres and is the sole reason I skipped over a number of Hallmarks to watch this UPtv production. He comes across as a regular guy and his acting is as natural as he is charming. I’m a big fan.

Miranda Priestly is impressed with Rosie’s skills and starts hiring her to do freelance work. It’s a lot of money and opportunity, plus she gets free clothes for her shop. (Rosie not only helps her clients with their style choices but sells them “pre-loved” (groan) outfits out of her own stash) This is the conflict. She is being run ragged and doesn’t have time for her own business anymore, or her growing relationship with Dennis.

Despite a mopey old grandfather and some seriously cheesy speeches at the end, I kind of liked this one. It really grew on me. The tyrannical Miranda/Anna Wintour character surprised me at the end,  and Dennis and his killer smile did not disappoint, as usual.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

September 29, 2022

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