Love You Like Christmas


Bonnie Sommerville plays a big city marketing executive whose star client is getting married and she feels obligated to goto the wedding. On the way to the wedding, her progress is halted by a load of Christmas Trees that have fallen off a truck and blocked the highway. She has some banter with the owner of the truck (Brennan Elliot). She ends up driving her vintage Mustang onto the shoulder to bypass the accident which damages her car. She totally breaks down near Christmas Valley and meets the Christmas Tree Man again. Yes, it is meant to be. Business in the town is floundering due to a recent flood. Bonnie puts her marketing acumen to work and saves the town, including Brennan’s Christmas Tree farm. But her Big City career and life beckon.

As usual, during the Christmas Movie season, I’ll circle back to a movie I rated when it first came out but don’t really remember and watch it again. This one had Brennan and Bonnie, two favorites of mine (especially Bonnie), so I deemed it worth a re-watch. Also, it is a 2016 production which was before the tsunami of Hallmark Christmas movies produced in November and December which started in 2018, and the resulting emphasis on quantity over quality. And that does not include repeats like this one and all the other networks which now vie for our Christmas Movie attention. Not including the streaming services either.

Why I gave this a 4 originally, I don’t know. I must have been in a really bad mood. Also as usual, with a re-look at this after a couple of years, I’m upping my rating. This was sweet and harmless with likable leads and secondary characters. Bonnie Sommerville imbued the character with poignancy and likability. I’m upping my rating to a 7.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

November 17, 2021

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