Dancing Through the Snow

Dating and Dancing

A single father who is also a sexy fireman gets caught on video doing a ballet dance with his young daughter. It is adorable. (It really is!) It goes viral and he is anointed America’s Favorite Single Dad. He is inundated with women trying to date him and the media trying to interview him. But he is a low-key down to earth kind of guy and doesn’t let his sudden 15 minutes of fame go to his head. Meanwhile, he meets his daughter’s ballet teacher, and the attraction is mutual. The romance is mature, slow burn, and realistic. They are well aware that any relationship must be serious with no rush into a temporary fling. Although there are some humorous moments and some dramatic suspense, the overall tone to this one was serious and steady.

During one of their dates, she confides that her ballet studio is in trouble and she is being nagged by her parents to move down to Florida to live with them. I immediately thought, “Uh Oh here comes the “I need a big loan or I’m going to leave” scam. But then I remembered this was not a Lifetime movie, but a Lifetime Christmas movie. The other roadblock to their happily ever after is his young daughter. She starts acting up out of jealousy. The young actress is a highlight of this movie. She is adorable and sweet when required, wise beyond her years when required (“Dad don’t patronize me!”), and a petulant little brat when required.

Thanks to some wise advice from his happy-go-lucky brother and a “woman-to-woman” talk between grandmother and granddaughter, the family roadblocks are removed. A neat resolution is also found to her financial trouble and it is one that comes full circle to the original viral video. The hint of romance at the end between Noah, the brother, and Olivia’s best friend is very cute.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

December 7, 2021

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