My Santa


I loved Samaire Armstrong in Heavenly Match in which she played an Episcopal Priest and she did not disappoint in this one. She was adorable and a nice match with Matthew Lawrence, who was also well cast in this movie. I usually do not like Santa’s offspring-themed movies, but this one was the exception to the rule. I loved Matthew’s sweet innocence as Santa’s son who has to find a wife by Christmas. The two leads are drawn to each other, but Samaire is not suitable wife material because she doesn’t like Christmas. something bad happened to her on Christmas a while back, and “Chris” has to overcome this roadblock before he can even think about a possible future with her. Yes, it’s pretty formulaic as all these are, but the slow burn romance was sweet, and the scene where Jen, our single mother heroine was finally convinced he was on the level was touching.

I don’t know what fuse this movie lit under Christmas “I Have no Agenda” Reviewer on IMDb, but to call this the worst Christmas movie this year?? To nitpick address numbers and the expensive homes the characters live in? I’ve never seen a Hallmarkesque movie that the homes weren’t way too much for the probable income of the occupants. I challenge anyone to offer an example where the home matched their income level. To say that cute Samaire Armstrong looks 10 years older than Matthew Lawrence when she is almost a year younger in real life? Come on. Since Lawrence looks about 18 in this movie there are very few adult actresses who wouldn’t look older. Except this actress doesn’t in my opinion. To call the little kid actor, who was perfectly competent “creepy” and like “Chucky?” Steady the machete. Pick on someone your own size, lady. Child actors can sometimes not be great, but it is almost always the director’s fault.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

January 15, 2021

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