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Not Much to This One

There are no real subplots to keep interest going. A very slight secondary romance, between a pretty girl and a rather plump short chef. It was not a good match even though I like unlikely pairings. It’s basically a travelogue exploring the Christmas traditions of a small New Mexican town. The acting was very weak, though Sara Canning had flashes of adequacy. Her love interest, a doleful widower (of course) with a young son, looked more like her father. He was very weather-beaten and too thin and had a terrible wardrobe. Like Hollywood’s idea of what a Mexican-American man should be dressed like.

The flirty food fight was present and accounted for but thank goodness, the flirty snow ball fight was avoided but only because it was New Mexico. Very annoying Santa Claus imposter added to the overall fail. However, one star for the attempt at diversity with a Latino lead, however lame

Rating: 2 out of 5.

November 10, 2020

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