The Pink Dress

By Anne Alexander

I don’t remember how I heard about this book. No doubt through my interest in girl’s series books. When I read all of the glowing reviews and looked around and saw how expensive it was, I couldn’t justify it but I did put an email alert on eBay so I would be informed whenever one came up for sale. Lo and behold, when one did, and I re-researched it, I saw that it was on Kindle for 9.99! There goes the once justifiably inflated price of another out-of-print book. Thank-you Amazon.

I just finished it, and I do see why people love it so. I still prefer Rosamunde du Jardin, whose stories are a little more complex, but this one really drew me in from the very beginning. Although sometimes, I grew very frustrated with how blind Sue was to her so-called friends, when she finally woke up and smelled the coffee, the resolution and climax were very satisfying. It was very realistic to how teens would think and behave back in the ’50s and probably even today. They are immature and insecure and very silly sometimes. The book had some surprises regarding her new cool boyfriend, Dave, who had quite a good character arc! In parts, it kind of reminded me of a John Hughes movie, or another favorite teen movie, Can’t Buy me Love.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

January 25. 2016

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