I’m Not Ready for Christmas

Kudos for Alicia

My rating for this one when I saw it 5 years ago was a 7. I’m bumping it up because I have come to appreciate Alicia Witt’s talent when compared to the current crop of Hallmark favorite actresses. Most are not bad, but very few have Alicia’s acting skills or comic talents. I found her very funny in this role, and the plot steps out of the current cookie cutter lines that Hallmark has fallen into in recent years. Alicia plays a woman who has gotten used to telling people what they want to hear, making promises she doesn’t keep, and telling little white lies to make her life easier and to avoid conflict. After one too many broken promises, Her little niece makes a wish to Santa for her Aunt of be incapable of lying. Yes, it owes much to Jim Carrey’s Liar, Liar. But this plot is comic gold, and Alicia makes the most of it. Special kudos to Mia Bagley who played the young niece. She was absolutely adorable. And it was great to see Brigid Brannagh again as Alicia’s sister. One quibble: I hate it when either the hero or the heroine gives up the career opportunity of a life time to stay with the love interest. So instead of the guy going to be the musical director at NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY at twice the salary, he is going to stay with the high school? That is not going to end well.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

November 2, 2020

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