Sharing Christmas

Lazy Writing and Set Decoration

Oh this was dreadful. I tuned in because I’ve liked the male lead, Bobby Campo, in several other stories. Let me get right to it. A CHRISTMAS Store that is struggling at CHRISTMAS? Maybe their busy months are June and July? Why didn’t they just make it a “holiday” store, so they could sell stuff year round? Are they paying the rent for that very large store IN NEW YORK CITY, that had NO MERCHANDISE IN IT? Seriously, it looked more like a nicely decorated hotel lobby. If anyone has ever been in a genuine Christmas store, you will know that they are chock full of Christmassy ornaments, decorations, Cards, Toys, Christmas Trees, wrappings, Candy, Food, Gingerbread houses, etc. etc. etc. You can hardly walk. The stuff they did have was the same stuff you can see in any department store. And all I saw was little ornaments and doo-dads. How is it that a retail businessman, her father, was totally unaware of the terms of his lease? That he was oblivious to the fact that a billion dollar building could not be sold without offering him first refusal? And how does Bobby’s rich daddy, so totally charmed by the empty floorspace and lack of shelves or merchandise (or customers) in this CHRISTMAS store at CHRISTMAS, comes out of nowhere to invest with these totally clueless store owners to buy and manage a billion dollar building? I Just couldn’t get past all of the dumbness. Sorry for the shouting, downvote me to your heart’s content.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

December 14, 2021

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