My Christmas Prince

Pretty Bad

I admit at the outset that I watched about 1/3 of this and skipped through to the end. If something happened to rescue this tedious lazy effort that I didn’t catch, I apologize in advance. Of course, the plot was utterly predictable, an almost carbon copy of every other Royal/Commoner template, with none of the fish out of water humor or any charm or good acting, or chemistry on the part of the principals to lift it into even 5 star+ territory. The young lady was pretty, but did nothing to draw the audience in or earn some investment in her. The script called for her to be a beloved part of her small town, but why? Her father said she never wanted anything but to make the world a better place, but we see no evidence of it. She was offered a 3 year job to plan and execute some kind of project that would benefit disadvantaged youth in New York, but seemingly is going forego that to get married to her prince-ling. If I missed something there, I’m sorry. But even so, it would be impossible that she could stay in New York 3 years and do her job effectively while engaged to a European royal who has his duties to his country. Callum Alexander I am willing to give another chance to as this is literally his first acting credit. But in this one, his accent was so posh, it puts the Windsors to shame and was very distracting. The only bright spot was seeing Frank Hardy and Nancy Drew married, and the always reliable Charles Shaughnessy and Marina Sirkis. **3 stars out of 10**

December 7, 2017

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