One Starry Christmas

I Hope They have Fun while it Lasts. A week? Maybe?

I turned this on 15 minutes in and thought it looked pretty good. Attractive hero, cute heroine, a bus trip. then I looked it up on IMDb and saw that I had seen it before, and that I had given it only 4 stars. Hmmm. By the end of the movie the little annoyances and irritations added up and I understood. My main complaints echo some of the other reviewers.

1.) How many times does she flirtily call him “Cowboy”? a hundred?

2.) The boyfriend was unquestionably a jerk. He did not handle the competition well to say the least. and that proposal was cringe-worthy. But my lord, I kind of felt sorry for him. He was so painfully desperate.

3.)She flirted with “Cowboy” right in front of said boyfriend. Not nice. In fact she was kind of a h0. She shows up at the breakfast table in a nice outfit to show cowboy New York City. Takes one look at him after he’s had a chance to take a shower, and goes back to put on a sexier outfit and smack on some lipstick. Need I ask what her game was here?

4.) The horse ride through New York and New Jersey. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Yes, it was super corny. But it made absolutely no sense. Why didn’t he take a cab? So here’s the main thing:

5.) So she had a big problem with moving away from Chicago due to her position as an award-winning professor of astronomy. (don’t get me started on that.) Yet she wants to hook up with a rancher in Texas, who can hardly compromise at all as to where he lives for the rest of his life. So what’s the inevitable result? I guess Hallmark didn’t think that through.

It wasn’t all bad. I liked the parents, and the boyfriend’s acting was great. Damon Runyon as cowboy made a romantic hero. But her incredibly shallow behavior, the impossibility of a long-term relationship, the needless stupidity of the premise, and the corny clichés prevent me from giving it more than 4 stars. Nice coat wardrobe though.**4 stars out of 5**

November 17, 2017

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