The Perfect Christmas Present

Why Can’t They All be this Good?

This one was really good. The two leads were very likable and I liked their gradual falling in love. The fact that the hero made a living picking out the perfect gift for his clients to give their loved ones was very problematic in many ways, but I just suspended my disbelief for that aspect. Sam Page was very effective in the role, and his female lead was very lovable. This story revolves around a former fraternity brother hiring our hero to pick out a gift for his girlfriend that will “smooth over” some rockiness in their relationship. He was clueless to the max and kind of scary and creepy in his pursuit of his girlfriend. On the one hand, he was worried that she is drifting away from him, but he continues to neglect her, while badgering our hero to hurry up with the perfect gift. Just didn’t make much sense. Of course she finds out that all of our hero’s interest in her was only research, so her hurt and anger are totally understandable. He did fall in love with her and his interest was sincere, so all is resolved at the end with the presentation of his perfect Christmas Gift. That part was really good, and the last few scenes were amusing as we wrapped up the loose ends with our main couple’s former love interests.**8 stars out of 10**

November 14, 2017

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