Starting Up Love

Good Performances Enliven So-so Plot

A high powered venture capitalist up for partner in her firm inherits a “cabin” in the wilderness with a handsome caretaker and handyman. She wants to sell it, he wants to keep it in the family as a B & B. Yeah, I know , it sounds like tens of other TV romance plots. But this one actually turned out to be half-way decent thanks to the good acting of Anna Hutchison as Jillian and her reluctant rapport with her co-owner and sometime nemesis, Liam, played by a fresh face: Rocky Myers. Mysterious Uncle (Warthog? Walrus? Wallbanger?)and Charlene Tilton as Aunt Marge (who amusingly turns out to have more on the ball that we’re led to believe) add some interest.

There are some cute situations in the script, which hangs on our heroine deciding to create a start up out of her inheritance to prove to the partners that she is worthy of promotion. As an aside, if I had been as successful and qualified to be partner as she was, I would have been out the door to the competition in a second instead of hanging around trying to prove myself to those pompous ingrates. Anyway this keeps her in the wilderness long enough for more conflict, drama, and romance to ensue.

In addition to Hutchison the other highlight in this otherwise fairly stick-to-the-playbook movie, is the performance of Erica Hernandez as Samantha, Jillian’s administrative assistant. I was blown away at how she took a nothing-burger part and made it one of the highlights of the show. What an illustration of how good acting can turn a small insignificant part into a real treat. **7 stars out of 10**

May 13, 2021

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