First Star I See Tonight

By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

First Star I See Tonight is good fun. The witty dialogue and funny “inner voices” of the main protagonists flow as easily as always from SEP’s brain. The humor is never forced or labored. One can tell she is really a funny person rather than just someone who tries to write humor. In fact, this one is funnier than many of her more recent books. Her characters are likable and quirky without being overly precious about it. I loved glimpses of past characters from preceding novels.

Are you sensing a “but” coming? Well, you would be right. This one does lack those heart-tugging moments that Phillips usually incorporates into her novels. There are no genuine hardships to overcome, or past demons to slay. Piper does have “Daddy issues”, but Daddy is dead, so there is no dramatic confrontation or closure to anticipate. Also, I’ve just about had enough of the hero and heroine having great sex, lots in common, great fun and friendship despite their conflicts, and then the heroine being devastated by figuring out that she is in love. Of course, this is a great calamity, and the poor hero has to spend the last quarter of the book convincing the stubborn girl that they can have a HEA.
But, what can I say? It’s Susan Elizabeth Phillips, It’s a Star’s book, and it’s a solid 4 stars.

July 7, 2016

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