Sand Dollar Cove

Pier Pressure

Aly Michalka plays a real estate developer with hopes of being able to use her architectural skills who comes to a small picturesque beach town in order to buy the land for her employer to build a beach resort. This one does not vary from the usual template one iota.

Aly was attractive enough but most of her performance was flat and unengaged. She did show some signs of life later in the movie, but for most of it, she acted like she didn’t really want to be there. Not that I blame her, but for goodness sake, suck it up. If you didn’t want the part, you shouldn’t have taken it. Chad Michael Murray played his usual scruffy relaxed self, but I did not like his character. The little town had been devastated by a storm a year earlier and tourism is way off and sorely needs the resort. The storm also decimated his families’ pier which he seems to think is equivalent in importance to the town as The Statue of Liberty is to America. He is seriously obsessed with it and frankly, I didn’t see any signs the town could care any less.  He won’t sell the land unless they buy the pier as well. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense. It seems like he would want to keep the pier, but oh well. Poor Aly is being torn in all directions. By Chad, who wants the beach resort built on another plot of land “a short bike ride away from the beach” and her boss, who only wants to build her beach resort on the beach and tear down the bedraggled unsightly pier.  Oh lord.

It will be no surprise that a festival is threatened but saved. Only they call it a Jamboree. The development company decides to just forget it and pick another site in another state and I don’t blame them. Screw CMM and his arrogant attitude trying to dictate terms to a company that wants to save the town and make him a millionaire. Well, you’ll never guess how this is resolved. Chad’s Nana talks some sense into him now that it’s probably too late and he decides that he needs to move forward rather than clinging to the past and sell the beach without the pier. But meanwhile, Aly conceives the brilliant solution of her company rebuilding the pier instead of tearing it down!!!!  What a Concept!!!! Apparently, her plan is so world-shatteringly brilliant that her boss goes along with it. But we never get to see the final product even on paper.

The only other thing I want to comment on is casting the gorgeous 66-year-old Glynnis O’Connor as 40-year-old CMM’s Grandmother A.K.A “Nana”. I mean, do the math. No wonder they had his just retired parents (who were the legal owners of the beach and pier, BTW) out of sight on a cruise to the Bahamas.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

January 18, 2022

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