Christmas on 5th Avenue

The Grinch and the Good Fairy

Eva runs a concierge business and is very busy during Christmas. When one of her most important customers offers her son’s penthouse to live in while he is in Vermont in exchange for decorating and filling his freezer with home-cooked food, she jumps at the chance. But surprise surprise, the grieving reclusive best-selling author shows up unexpectedly. Romance and reclamation ensue.

I’m in the minority in thinking Olivier Renaud’s performance as Lucas was right on the money. He was supposed to be a cold fish, harsh, and stiff. Eva was so perky and sunny that it made a nice contrast and upped the chemistry between them. As the movie went on he started to grow on me. When she made her move and he rejected her it was kind of a shocker. We know he had feelings for her, but his issues ran deep. When he finally did warm up, it made it all the more affecting.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

November 27, 2021

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