Beaus of Holly

Two Wrongs and a Right

Holly, a rather unlikeable young lady, decides to propose to her unattractive and also unlikeable boyfriend of two years in order to maintain the schedule she has for her life and career. Instead of jumping at the chance to wed her, he says he has to think about it. In fact, he is going to spend the holidays with the more spontaneous “Tiffany.” She is hurt and upset and they mutually dump each other. She is thrown into the company of Jake, a very likable, nice, and strangely attractive tour guide. He takes her on a long sleigh-ride and a lot of other Hallmarky activities occur. In due time, Holly learns to pay more attention to her heart rather than her day planner. Then the ex-boyfriend shows up again (as they do). My ultimate take after this long slow slog is that the two unlikable ones should have got back together and left the nice cute guy alone to follow his bliss.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

December 14, 2020

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