The Weaver Takes a Wife

by Sheri Cobb South

“Mr. Brundy,” she said with a nod, making the most perfunctory of curtsies to her father’s guest.
He made no move to take her hand, but merely bowed and responded in kind. “Lady ‘elen.”
“My name is Helen, Mr. Brundy,” she said coldly.
“Very well- ‘elen,” said Mr. Brundy, surprised and gratified at being given permission, and on such short acquaintance, to dispense with the use of her courtesy title.”

I got this audio book from the author. I had read this 17 years ago when it first came out and remembered it fondly. I love a romance between unequal partners particularly when the heroine is in a higher position than the hero. It did not disappoint on second reading. Sheri has a nice way with a humorous turn of phrase. The narrator was very good, but sometimes let the Weaver’s plebian northern accent bled into his narration. Also, with most male narrators, his female voice tended to be affected and simpering. I look forward to reading the audio version of In Milady’s Chamber, the first in her John Pickett regency mystery series.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

January 8, 2017

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