Can’t Buy My Love

Small, Medium, and Large

As is typical with PixL movies, this has a lot more going on than the typical Hallmark. In this one, we have 3 romances: Small (the dad and his housekeeper), Medium (the black sidekick), and Large. Large being the main story of a spoiled entitled rich boy who falls for a hardworking EMT with her eye on medical school. Because of the juggling of 3 plot lines, plus the getting into medical school story, this story percolates along at quite a good pace and kept my interest. I must say this 2017 story was a bit ahead of its time. The worthy EMT was denied a place in med school once because she was jumped over by someone way down the waiting list because of his/her large donation to the school. She is understandably bitter about that. This plot point provides the conflict when she thinks the rich boy did the same for her. It’s a good thing Hallmark didn’t make this one with their one time regular Lori Loughlin as a cast member.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

June 7, 2020

2 thoughts on “Can’t Buy My Love

  1. Hi, I saw the movie and I really liked it. I’m just wondering where to find the music from the movie. (especially the first song that starts the movie I’m looking for) can you help me with that?


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