A Feeling of Home

Humdrum Story saved by Male Leads

The story in this one was pretty lame, but I loved the male leads: Nathan Parsons at the male lead was very sexy and appealing. Loved his voice. It was so great to see Robby Benson again. He has certainly aged well and is even more attractive than he was in his youth. Both of these actors are responsible for the relatively high rating from me. Although, sometimes Robby Benson delivered his lines like he was a trifle constipated. Sorry Robby, I saw what you were trying to do there character-wise, but…. I also liked the acting of Shannon Chan-Kent as Gina. Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the character of Abby. She struck me as needy, whiny, and not too bright. I don’t think it was the actress so much as the way her character was written. As others have mentioned, the depiction of farm life was silly and ignorant. Talk about lazy. But it did provide some laughs.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

May 26, 2019

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