Paris, Wine, and Romance

Richie Rich Wine?

This was a very well-put-together romance. I liked the story of a prestigious wine competition and the underdog Oregonian company taking the snooty French wine culture by storm. The whole setup seemed pretty authentic. And I do love wine, so I appreciated the little tidbits of info. I liked the tour around Paris. I’m not a big Jen Lilley fan, but her acting is OK. I loved the male lead. He was very handsome with a lot of charisma. I just didn’t think he “went with” Jen Lilley. Oh. I see she was pregnant when she filmed this. Nevermind. Lolita Davidovitch was very well cast as the glamorous but gracious loving mother, as was the brother. The resolution to the long-distance romance problem was well set up and believable.

I just wish they had chosen another name for Jen’s wine. “Ricci Ridge” sounded like “Richie Rich.” It was distracting, though it did provide a few giggles.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

May 12, 2019

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