Reunited at Christmas

Hallmark Actually Leaves Some Clichés at the Door


Reunited at Christmas is not a typical Hallmark Christmas movie. I don’t know what got into those folks at Hallmark, but I hope we see more of these presentations that don’t follow the usual bone-tired formula. Not that it wasn’t predictable or anything or had a sad ending, God forbid. But they did break free a little bit. Briefly the family’s beloved “Nana” dies and her final wish is that her Son, his ex-wife(who she loved like a daughter) and their two daughters spend Christmas in the family homestead, which is now going to be sold. Our focus is on the daughter played by Nikki Deloach. She is a writer and has a serious boyfriend who is an anchorman. He accompanies her to the family gathering where he pops the question. She says yes, and immediately freaks out because she has abandonment issues(dead Nana and her former fiancé practically left her at the altar.) Believe it or not, steady city boyfriend does not get dumped for a local boy. Instead they work out their problems and resolve her doubts and fears. There is hope that the divorced parents just might get back together eventually as well. Nikki and all of the cast members do an excellent job. On the negative side, most of the movie consisted of Nikki moping around being indecisive and her father pining away for his independent ex-wife, who appears to have moved forward quite nicely without him. All in all this was a Hallmark Christmas movie that was a very mature and sort of realistic approach to a family at Christmas. No magic Santa’s, time travel, bad boyfriends, or failing businesses, or hate turns to love conflict. It was quite refreshing.**7 out of 10 stars**

November 26, 2019

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