Angry Angel

If You are Expecting another Hallmark Christmas Movie, Fasten your Seatbelt!

The movie opens with an obnoxious young Asian woman on a plane giving the flight attendant a hard time and drinking to excess. She turns to the camera and explains that the plane is about to crash, but she doesn’t care because she is already dead. She is an Angel who did not lead quite a good enough life to cruise into heaven with a free ticket. She has to accumulate enough points by doing good deeds on earth to earn her way in. The problem with this one is, her good deed points are constantly being taken away by her “bad” deeds. She has an app on her phone to keep track of her standing. Yep. this one is a little bit different.

It is a rare entry in the Christmas movie sweepstakes: It is hilarious and heartfelt. Not just amusing. Really Funny. Written by Will Gluck, a writer with a strong resume, I suspect that this was meant for theatrical release. This is no mere Hallmark, folks. Great performances all around and great casting. Kudos for starring an Asian American woman as the angel form of the earthly white girl. An original choice. She was obviously chosen because she was the best actress for the part. Jason Biggs plays himself (!). He’s really an angel too. Yes, It is quirky. Did I say that? The love interest is not a fictionally handsome male-model type, but a kind of schlubby but appealing everyman type guy. Again, Kudos. It does not play out like you would expect of a regular Hallmark type movie so it keeps you guessing. It does have a good message and moral like all good Christmas movies should, and plays out in a very satisfying way. I will be watching this one again next year. It is rare that I can say that about a Hallmark movie.**9 out of 10 stars**

December 18, 2017

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