My One and Only

By Kristan Higgins

***09/26/2022 reread on audible***Still 5 stars. I still consider this one one of her best. Complex characters, very romantic, very emotional, very funny. I do have a slightly different take from my January of 2017 thoughts below. Nick more than met Harper halfway all through the book. She was the love of his life and he was upfront about that from the beginning. But because of her abandonment by her mother on her 13th birthday, she was “emotionally constipated” and unable to give herself freely and wholeheartedly to a relationship. As much as she loved Nick, she had a fear of commitment that kept her one foot in, and one foot out of their marriage. So this time, I was glad that she desperately ran after him and got the ferry stopped in the most dramatic way possible. Nick deserved to be run after for a change. It restored some balance to the romance which, this time, I thought was sorely needed.***

**January 2017 reread***I believe this is her best of her earlier books. It has some of the most comedic scenes and wittiest, snappiest dialogue, despite the irritating habit of making up a signature expletive for her heroines (Oh Crotch!). The scene with the bear and the napping old horse was a scream.


It is insightful and one of the most moving. The relationship between the two protagonists, in fact, all of the relationships, were very well developed. You could see both of their sides, though I, at least, felt that our heroine was more justified and Nick was more at fault in their initial break-up. I like that he stepped up at last and shouldered his share of the blame. I just wish Harper had not run after him like she did. I would have liked it better if he had not got on the ferry and was heading back to her. It would have been more right. My heart was in my mouth at her meeting with Linda and when she got the letter. And I was sobbing during her Her reconciliation with her Dad and the scene with her stepmother, Beverlee. It was so well done. Not only one of Kristan’s best so far (top 3) but one of the best I have read of this sort ever.**5 stars out of 5**

January 29, 2017 (re-read)

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