Falling for Grace

Hallmark Type Movie Kicked up a Notch

This was basically a Hallmark romance plot but with a great cast, and much better writing. But since Hallmark movies are my guilty pleasure, this one was right up my street. The cast was very intriguing: obviously someone has some very good friends. A quick perusal of the cast reveal some very respected and high profile actors and comedians. Bobby Flay even makes a cameo and John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted fame has a bit part. I would love to know what got BD Wong so much in a twist that he felt he had to disavow his participation in the movie. He certainly hasn’t directed or produced anything since. It was a warm, amusing, unpretentious, romantic movie with the usual conflict, misunderstandings and a good subplot. I loved the fact that the family spoke Chinese with subtitles. Don’t know why, I just liked listening to it.**8 stars out of 10**

October 15, 2017

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