Triple Jeopardy

By Anne Perry

I enjoyed the second in the new Daniel Pitt series even more than the inaugural book. The mystery in this one was much more accessible and engaging. I was shocked at the ending, though not surprised. Even though very byzantine it was logical and even plausible. The book is capped by a dandy courtroom drama and I love the last sentence in the book. I just wish it wasn’t the last sentence. Anne is infamous for ending her books very abruptly. At this point, its kind of her signature.

The best thing about the book was that we see a whole lot of the family and the return of Jemima. I was gratified to learn more of the relationship with her husband Patrick who was introduced to us in her short story, A New York Christmas. They are still very much in love and the parents of two young girls. They still have important discussions and even disputes concerning loyalty, justice, one’s place in society, trust, and important priorities. We see they have a deep connection besides their love, yet they are each their own person with their own perspectives. Given some hints in this book, I suspect it won’t be long before we see much more of Jemima and Patrick even though they will be heading back to the United States for the time being. I have been reading about the Pitts for 35 years so they are kind of like my fictional family.

I admire and esteem Miriam, but have mixed feelings concerning the attraction between her and Daniel. I think he is just too young for her. We’ll see. Going by past history with 3 other couples, I fear I see the handwriting on the wall.

Unlike this one, which I kind of put off reading, I will dive right into the next in the series. After all, we still have the reintroduction of Emily and her family to look forward to.**5 out of 5 stars**

July 3, 2019

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