A New York Christmas

By Anne Perry

She was profoundly grateful for her own mother’s advice, and even more for that of her aunt Emily, who was less of a rebel than Charlotte. It was very good to know the rules, even if you did not intend to follow them.

Loved this one. Jemima has grown up to be a wonderful woman, the romance was much more developed than is usually found in Anne Perry, and her trademark too abrupt ending was thankfully missing for once. Very happy and satisfying. Loved Perry’s romantic choice for Jemima. Very apt. In addition to her choice of partner, Jemima has inherited her Charlotte’s ability to ingratiate herself and uncover secrets from the upper echelons in society even though she is an outsider and viewed with uneasy wariness. In Jemima’s case, actually detained under suspicion of murder. That’s a feat even her redoubtable mother can’t claim. **5 stars out of 5**

June 1, 2016

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