Love at the Shore

In the South, It’s Not the “Shore”.

Let’s get one thing out of the way immediately. This movie is set and filmed on Tybee Island off the coast of Georgia and a short way from cultured, historical, and photogenic Savannah, Georgia. In the South, it’s called the beach, not the shore. We are farther away from New Jersey than just miles would indicate. Also, it’s too bad the producers could not take advantage of the beauty that is Savannah to set some scenes there. Just clueless.

This Hallmance just did not work for me. I thought Jenna, the female lead, seemed more like his mother that his love interest. I also found the character unlikable and unreasonable. She is at the beach, during the summer, and living in a duplex and she expects everyone else on vacation in her vicinity to cater to her need for quiet. She should have gone to a cabin in the mountains. There was no chemistry between the two leads. She was a mature and settled mother of 2, and he was, she thought, a happy-go-lucky beach bum. She didn’t consider him a possible match until she found out he was her very well off landlord and the owner of a soon to be franchised summer camp. He was so handsome and prone to hanging around without a shirt, he looked more like a boy-toy than a potential father to her children. I didn’t like how she reacted when she found out this good smart guy was coaching her son, and didn’t like how he promised her son to be there for the swim meet and then just blew him off. It seemed very out of character and just manufactured to create some conflict. This was a by the numbers lazy effort. The kids and the dog were the only bright spots.**3 stars out of 10**

August 7, 2017

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