The Girl

Too Much Badness

I guess the Catherine Cookson model for historical dramas just does not float my boat. This was somewhat entertaining, but I just don’t like all of the sorrow, suffering, and angst in my dramas. Her stories are just dark all the way through. Even when people are happy, there is some fly in the ointment. I do not mind some darkness in my dramas: I loved Little Dorrit, and Middlemarch for example. I love the series based on Elizabeth Gaskell novels. Loved Downton Abbey. These are just humorless. And boy there is a ton of them. I think I have seen enough to know I don’t want to suffer through anymore of these to find the ones that I do like. I did like The Rag Nymph, and The Glass Virgin back in the day. Not sure why, but they were different in some way while still being the same basic plot. I suspect it was the actors and the characters they played. **6 out of 10**

June 21, 2017

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