Broadcasting Christmas

3 Stars for Melissa Alone

I love Melissa Joan Hart, I really do. But this Christmas offering is pretty dull. Our heroine is competing with our hero (Dean Cain) for the co-host chair on Regis and Kathie Lee. No. Regis and Kelly. No. Kelly and Michael. No. In this movie it is called Rise and Shine. They are former lovers and co-workers. Melissa broke up with Dean because he was chosen over her for a big promotion 6 years prior, and she was just so embarrassed about that. Melissa looks young enough still to pass as an under 35 broadcaster on her way up. But Dean Cain, at 50, just looks absurd trying to play the role of a person of approximately the same age. At one point he pleads with influential Dad at the dinner table that he wants to earn the National spot on his own without Daddy interfering. Grow Up, Superman!

Melissa was great as usual. Her rant on live TV when she promotes herself, a virtual unknown, for the Network morning show is funny and entertaining. And her charm and naturalness in trying out for the job would have won her the opportunity immediately in real life over the 3 no-talents she is competing against. There’s a big reveal at the end, which you see coming a mile away, which really does Dean Cain no favors in making his role believable or sympathetic. I enjoyed Jackee Harry’s work in this, and am glad to see Cynthia Gibb still working despite playing her own age. Holy Cow! I just realized that that was Richard Kline playing Melissa’s Dad. Totally did not recognize him! **6 Stars out of 10**

December 1, 2016

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