Letter Never Sent

A Fresh Cast Elevates a Familiar Plot

Letter Never Sent is a thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy. Entirely predictable, sure, but sometimes that’s the charm. This one succeeds because of the cast. The female lead is very appealing (and bares a strong resemblance to Michelle Monaghan). The male lead makes a believable ex-nerd who has loved her his whole life. The secondary leads are engaging as well. The actress who plays her best friend Lily reminds me of a more wholesome Scarlet Johanson. She played the best friend in another romantic T.V. movie and it’s about time this actress got the lead role. The actor who plays the “dumb jock” who falls for her is perfectly cast. And now we come to Eva La Rue. She looks young enough to be the lead actor’s sister, not mother! But since she really is 50 years old, it works. The obligatory current fiancé is played by an actor who really makes you hate him. What more could you ask? I seem to be gushing a bit here, but it is so rare that we get a T.V. romantic comedy that doesn’t seem churned out by the hundreds (thank-you Hallmark) and really checks all the boxes. If only Hallmark would take a page from this example and cast some fresh young talent playing 20-somethings that really are twenty- something. This entry shows that with the right casting and a basic yet well written plot without a lot of gimmicks (Christmas Cookies! Ice sculptures! Princesses! Time Travel! Magic Santa Clauses!), you can make a perfectly charming little movie. **9 out of 10 stars**

November 28, 2016

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