A Picture of Her


Oh, Goody! Another Hallmark romance based on lies! How many is that this month? Three? Four? This one had a bit of promise since it stars Tyler Hines who usually brings an edgy cool masculinity to his roles. He is also very popular so Hallmark usually gives him better-than-average scripts. The script did have words in it, but they forgot the plot.

Tyler Plays Jake, a once idealistic photographer full of dreams of people buying his photos for their art. However, when he published a book of arty scenic photos, he only sold 5 copies, 3 of them to his mother. He is still a photographer but now makes his living as a jaded paparazzo with an occasional gig doing legit photo spreads for a weekly Los Angeles magazine. This state of affairs has made him sad and tired which is right in Tyler’s wheelhouse, acting-wise. While on one of his respectable assignments, he takes a picture of a lovely girl sniffing a rose and it goes viral. It is a very pretty picture of very pretty and sweet-faced Beth played by very pretty Rhiannon Fish. He is quite taken with her and coincidentally meets her at a dog park and they go out on a date. Or at least half a date, because he leaves right in the middle of it to take a picture of a celebrity shoplifter. He is partners with a girl who looks out for celebs doing embarrassing things and whenever she sees one, she calls Jake who hops on his motorcycle to get to the scene of the crime to take pictures of the unsuspecting famous person doing the bad thing. Why she just doesn’t whip her cell phone out, and keep all the money for herself I don’t know. Maybe her button-pressing finger is broken.

The next day, Beth and Jake meet up again and she takes him to have dinner with her Aunt Dody. Beth is just visiting her from her small seaside town where she is first mate on her dad’s fishing boat. I think that profession is a first for Hallmark. As soon as Aunt Dody and Jake are alone, Aunt Dody pounces on him and asks what his intentions are in a very aggressive and threatening manner. Sweet and vulnerable Beth has been lied to and hurt before and he better not break her heart or act dishonorably in any way. Oops. Too late. He has already lied to her that he is not “one of those fellows who hides in the bushes and takes pictures of famous people.” Plus, Jeez Aunt D. they’ve only been on half a date. Back off.

And that’s about it. Beth tries to find the mysterious photographer who invaded her privacy by taking her picture without permission, and gets an agent because now companies want to hire her to be in commercials. So she’s mad, but not really. They go on more dates but when Jake has the opportunity to come clean about the picture and his profession, he lies again. This guy. On Beth’s first commercial shoot, they put so much makeup on her that she gets scared and disgusted. (Too much makeup? On a Hallmark?) While running from the set, she meets Jake and finds out that he is the low-down sneak that took her picture! She is betrayed and heartbroken and goes back home to the fishing boat. Tyler is even sadder and tireder than he was before.

Even the news that Daniel Bacon, who usually plays small-town mayors in Hallmarkland, but in this one is the head of the weekly mag that he does occasional work for, wants to dedicate a whole issue to his arty photos doesn’t perk him up. His dream has come true, but he just blows him off to chase after Beth with that old book of his. That book thing is very mysterious. Earlier in the day he got a call from Aunt Dody because an unknown person sent her Jake’s book. She calls Jake because she thinks he did it. He didn’t and denies it. She decides that Jake’s a nice “boy” after all and asks him to personally deliver his book to Beth up in Washington for some reason. So he does, apologizes to Beth, and finds out that it was Beth herself who found a copy and sent it anonymously to Aunt Dody. Why? Don’t know. Anyway, she has it back again and they make it up and all is well in the romance department. Can’t say the same about the job department because Mayor Daniel is still waiting on his offer to rejuvenate Jake’s career as a respectable photographer at last. I hope he is patient because the happy couple is too busy riding off into the sunset on Jake’s motorcycle. This is one of those “Happy for Now” endings.

Rating: 5 out of 10.

9 thoughts on “A Picture of Her

  1. I love reading your reviews, esp. of Hallmark movies. Lately I’ve made it a point to go see what you think of the latest Hallmark movie. Re this one, I had the same thought about the young woman who calls Tyler whenever there’s an opportunity to paparazzi — why doesn’t she pull out her iPhone and start recording or taking pics? Why wait for him to show up? When she’s in the store and sees the famous actress being accused of shoplifting, why doesn’t she start taking video? That iPhone video, in that situation, would be more valuable than any photos Tyler could take. I’m a fan of both lead actors, and thought this movie was ok. Five stars seems about right. I look forward to more of your reviews!

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    • Thank you so much! Many are so devoted to Tyler Hines that they love everything he does. But I notice on IMDb that so far, as more reviews come in, the average rating has gone steadily downward. There were many things that didn’t make sense in this one. One of my pet peeves is when the main characters put love and romance over practical considerations such as food and lodging, as Jake did at the end of this one. Also, from Los Angeles to Washington on a Motorcycle? Hope he had a change of clothes with him. I didn’t notice.


  2. You nailed this one. I really didn’t understand why she was so upset about the photo and then landed an agent to get her modeling gigs and then as soon as she gets one, she runs out screaming and says she doesn’t want to do this. As far as fully developed characters go, this one was lacking. Even the agent was unfinished. He seemed kind of sketchy (I think we were supposed to believe he had been fired?), but then he got her a legit gig, so what was up with that? And then he just disappears like that. Hallmark’s not having a good year so far in my opinion.


    • Thanks! “I’m so offended you took my picture without permission…Get me an Agent! Stat!” So many problems with this one masked by the appeal of Tyler Hynes. Sorry. Not buying it


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