Love Exclusively

She’s a Jerk

This one just didn’t work because the heroine is not a good person. And I’m not even talking about her betraying her friends and her lying all for a fake story that will advance her career as a tabloid journalist.

How do I know she’s not a good person? In the first scene before all the mess she created even happened, she is running down the sidewalk in her town for her daily workout. She comes upon two innocent pedestrians holding hands and sauntering along. Instead of going around them with a smile and an apology, she just busts right through them practically knocking one of them down. She doesn’t even stop. She just goes on running while the victims are looking after her in disbelief. I mean, WTF? Who does that? This is not only rude, it is practically assault and battery. She offers a heartfelt and seemingly sincere apology at the end of the movie to the friends she hurt and victimized. Can we just circle back and get one of those for the two innocent strangers? She’d still be a jerk though.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

January 31, 2022

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