Butlers in Love

These Butlers Didn’t Do It For Me

I was very favorably disposed to like this one. I loved the setting: Butler School! How unusual! I look at a lot of shows that have butlers. And I loved the fresh-faced youthful girl next door looks of the female lead. The guy was pretty cute as well.

 It started off pretty good with a beautiful setting, interesting factoids and elements involving behind the scenes of being a butler.  The main guy started off as an entitled snooty jerk, which was promising in that I was drawn in by the story behind that and anticipation of a nice character arc. When it was revealed what accounted for his attitude, all was forgiven. The rest of the story was OK. Maxfield Caulfield, playing the head of the school, paired the two leads together to help both of them. Emma, despite her lifelong dream of being a butler, was flunking out due to gross incompetence which was stupid, but she had the commitment and passion for the job which Henry lacked. They helped each other and fell in love.

Unfortunately, it ended with a whimper. Emma, thanks to Henry, graduated near the top of her class and earned the sought-after letter of recommendation needed to secure the position of her dreams. Thanks also to the help of Henry’s parents she was happily ensconced on an estate in Scotland serving the type of society movers and shakers she had dreamed of doing all of her life. It was the fantasy opportunity of a lifetime. And then she quits. The job was everything she was told time and again it would be. Nothing bad or even surprising happened. So much for passion and commitment. What a flake. It was for no other reason than the writers not being able to get her back together with Henry for the happy ending. They wrote themselves into a corner. They end up working together in a hotel (I think) somewhere and making out on the job in full view of the public. So much for appropriate behavior. It was a bad message to send to young girls who dream big and work hard.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

January 31, 2022

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