A Summer Romance

This is a rant about Make-Up. It is Not Really About the Movie.

Erin Krakow plays a ranch woman in this movie who applies her makeup like she is behind the cosmetic counter at Macy’s. She brags that she gets up at 5am to do the chores. And surely one of those chores is getting her face on. In general, I think most Hallmark actresses wear too much make-up. But at least many of the characters they play meet the public as shopkeepers, are on television, or have important jobs in big corporations where professional dress and at least an effort to show an effort to be well-groomed is part of the image you want to project.

But a woman who does physical labor all day outdoors? Who in an average day only meets her 2 employees and their little girl? Why the 3 shades of eyeshadow, lipstick, and heavy blusher? Wasn’t she afraid those false eyelashes put her in danger of toppling over into a haystack? What happened to false eyelashes that looked somewhat natural? The ones these days look like awnings and are so obviously phony they detract and distract rather than enhance. And she has the nerve to mock Ryan Paevey for his inappropriate outfits? And call him a city slicker? Look in the mirror, lady. And what’s with the tops that are so tight, she looks like she’s going to bust out of them any second? Again, OK for some professions, like weather-girl or presenter on ESPN, but a rancher?

We’ve all rolled our eyes at old-timey historical dramas where the actresses’ hair and makeup ignore the reality of the times and circumstances of their characters. Come on, Hallmark. This isn’t Death Valley Days or Bonanza. We know better now, don’t we? Many popular Hallmark actresses are rapidly approaching or have stepped over the 40-year-old mark. That is not a bad thing, unless they are dealing with circumstances more in line with a 25-year-old character. All the make-up does not disguise their age, it just emphasizes that they are trying to hide something. A natural fresh face=youth, to state the obvious.

Other than that, thanks to the gorgeous scenery and Ryan Paevey, this was a fairly pleasant diversion. Erin was OK. She is a pretty good actress despite her usual mannerisms. The plot was right out of the Hallmark “save the _______ from the big corporation” playbook.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

July 9, 2021

3 thoughts on “A Summer Romance

  1. I’ve been digging through the midden heap of old reviews looking for something to watch and almost every one has some classic throw away lines that are so clever. That’s all. Carry on. 🙂 I’ve noticed some tropes that never get the recognition they deserve. Like high heels. Hallmark loves them….women drive cross country wearing them, waitresses wear them to work in and women wear them late at night lounging around the house! My favorite is the throng of people in the background madly rushing to and fro in law offices or newspaper or magazine offices where we know nobody moves from their computer monitors.


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