Love Strikes Twice

22 Going on 37

What did I just see? It was on the Hallmark Channel but was it really a Hallmark movie? It was a time-traveling romantic comedy but that is all it had in common with the usual Hallmark. No pageant-worthy hair, wardrobe, and make-up here. Just great writing, attention to detail, talented acting, and fresh faces.

We enter this rare territory zeroing in on a 37-year-old childless corporate lawyer, whose marriage is about to fail because her main priority is to make partner in her firm so she can “swim with the sharks”. She is troubled about her marriage and confides to a friend that the crossroads in her life seemed to be when she worked with a childhood friend, now her unhappy husband, to try to save the local library building. After an unexpected encounter with her old  boyfriend, now one of the “sharks” she yearns to swim with, she wonders if she should have chosen him rather than the humble high school teacher she is now married to and has so little in common with. If only she could go back in time and with her sophisticated skills and knowing what she knows now about the law, be successful in saving the building. That would certainly change everything for the better and set her life on the path it was meant to be on.

I won’t go into the ins and outs of what happens, because there is so much that happens both personally and professionally. The details and the authenticity make the movie complex, heartfelt, funny, and very entertaining. It is tight and action-packed. There is not a boring minute in it. No usual meaningless filler or tired tent pole scenes. It borrows from many other time travel romantic comedies too numerous to list, but I was most reminded of the delightful 13 Going on 30. Needless to say, when she goes back 15 years to save the library, she also saves her marriage, her husband’s career, her father’s health, and turns her brother’s and her best friend’s lives around. It all culminates at her parents’ 25th anniversary, when she hits her head again and she shoots forward to their 40th, and her real, now transformed, life.

The acting is great all around, but the star of the show is Katie Findlay , whose looks and talent brought even more life and charm to the role that was already well-written. Had she not been cast, the movie still would have been wonderful, but she made it a 10 out of a 10. I fear she will soon be going on to bigger and better things. Sadly for Hallmark-land, I predict we will not be seeing her again on this Channel.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

October 4, 2021

6 thoughts on “Love Strikes Twice

  1. Was great to see ‘The Bridge’ team back together again.
    Great story, great acting.
    So unHallmark like.
    Btw…..Katie Findlay has already gone onto bigger things but good to see her back at Hallmark.
    She obviously knows a good script when she sees one.


  2. I’m excitedly getting ready to watch it!! Read about it on your Rip in Time review. I’ll bet this is the kind of Hallmark movie you were alluding to, nobody in a million years would think it was Hallmark. I would love to read your review on it.


  3. I just watched this and it’s so clever!! I’m going to have to watch again though because I’m slow and that’s a really bad copy on YouTube and I’m thinking did she maybe dream the future rather than go back to the past?? (See why I had to watch “About Time” 3 times to get it straight!?);-) I see why you gave it a 10.


      • I really felt that was the case but it was so chopped up I wasn’t sure what I was seeing for sure; it was one of those where you could only see a part of the screen. Had you seen Cupid & Cate? Heavy duty stuff. I’ve read criticism of Hall sacrificing quality for quantity and I get their point.


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