My Kind of You

By Tracy Brogan

“There are no bears on the island.”
“Really, are you sure because I was hiking with my Dad and I’m sure I saw one? Either that or it was a humongous man-eating badger, with fangs. It might have been frothing at the mouth.”
“Man-eating, huh? No problem then. I’m a girl.”

Tracy Brogan’s first in the Trillium Bay trilogy about the three Callaghan sisters has a lot in common with a Hallmark romance movie. A really good one. It is set in a picturesque and authentic vacation spot. Because let’s face it, Winnaway island on northern Lake Huron is Mackinac Island on northern Lake Michigan. Horses and bikes and no cars, ferries, fudge, and the view of Mackinac (Petoskey) bridge, big famous hotel, etc. Our heroine is a spunky single mother obliged to come home from the big city to the small town she grew up in. She has some family reconciling to do, there’s an eccentric granny and a couple of big secrets that add suspense and tension. There is a big misunderstanding close to the end of the story which threatens the lovers and is tidily cleared up at the last minute. The romance is relatively angst-free with them professing their love without mentioning marriage, and everyone’s super nice. There’s even a festival!

I enjoyed it. It was lighthearted, fun, and well-written without digging too deep emotionally speaking. It was amusing with a downright funny horseback riding scene, among others. Emily’s inner dialogue was cute as well as her descriptions of the local eccentrics. I’m not sure how much the narrator contributed to my enjoyment but she was fantastic and included authentic Michigan accents. She added to the humor for sure with her delivery and made Emily and Ryan very likable and relatable. Almost 4 stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

September 30, 2021

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