Love in Translation

Enjoyable Romantic Comedy Without the Usual Hallmarkisms

I really loved this one! I particularly liked Michelle Argyris, a fresh new face. She was darling and had excellent acting and comedic skills. Corey Sevier was fine as usual and played a nerdy (but not too nerdy) clueless academic. Very cute.

A very highly qualified and educated girl wants to fulfill her dream of working at a museum, a career path that is reserved for the best of the best in the field. In order to get her foot in the door, she gets a job helping the influential museum archeologist with his language skills. Corey has sensed that his French girlfriend is pulling away from him and realizes that speaking her language will increase the romance quotient in their relationship. Language is our girl’s specialty and she speaks about a dozen languages not including dead ones. Unfortunately she gets very discombobulated and awkward around any guy that she thinks is cute and attractive, which Corey definitely is. It is no spoiler to assure you that in addition to getting the guy in the end, she also scores the position of her dreams due to her ability to decipher an ancient inscription that results in a gigantic financial coup for the museum.

This one avoids the usual bone tired Hallmark set pieces. OH. I see that it is not a Hallmark. No wonder. Another plus is the actress that plays our heroine’s sister. Her performance is very entertaining and comedic.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

September 22, 2021

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