Saturday’s Children

Just Kind of Fades Away…

This is well-written as far as dialogue and character but the plot was pretty lame. I tuned in for the always delightful Anne Shirley and to see the charismatic John Garfield in something a little lighter. Unfortunately, he struggled in some of the lighter bits. There is a reason, it turns out, why he was cast in tense noir dramas. Claude Rains is great as her father, a rather lame character. He is charming and wise but lazy. But then feels bad because he is not more of a success. His dramatic scheme to help his daughter makes no sense. My main problem with the plot is that it did not have any resolution or closure. Instead of going after his dream of developing silk from hemp, a process of his own invention, he fell for Anne who encouraged him to marry her by making him jealous instead of accepting a promising job in the Philippines. They struggle financially. After she gets pregnant, he turns down a second chance for the life-changing job, and they will continue to struggle with no hope on the horizon. I would have liked to see him take that job in the Philippines with or without her, or have one of his many other inventions pay off. Perhaps one which will help with the coming war effort which actually is only a year away.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

August 29, 2020

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